Tips to Purchase a NEW Skin

Hi , since some customers had problem with few skin wile using makeup (not only my makeup) i made this Guide picture to help when you are purchasing a new skin.
I´ll explain here also why i wrote those things.
when you apply for example an eyeshadow in a skin with DARK eyelid it will change automaticly the look of your eyeshadow it will look darker or messed or blurred. not really how it was made.
and about the lips, some skin don´t follow 100% the map of Catwa´s mesh heads so you will have to use ONLY the lips made from this skin creator to match 100% those skin. Because ALL others Makeup Creators Have to follow the Original Catwa´s map to create their lips so you will never have a thirdy part creator lips matching your skin.
Well those are thing i personally check when Myself i go to purchase a skin so sharing with your those points might help 😀

how to purchase

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